Choice Financial Planning

Our Independent Financial Advisers specialise in working with certain types of clients.

This allows us to have a deep understanding of your financial problems and challenges, as well as the possible solutions.

We work best with clients who want a long-term relationship and who value independent financial advice. This allows us to understand your financial objectives and put in place a plan to achieve them, which should be reviewed on a regular basis.

Senior executives & high earners

You enjoy a higher than average income, but this brings with it unique pressures, challenges and concerns.

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People with final salary pensions

New rules mean people with Final Salary pensions now have more choices than ever before, but expert advice is essential.

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People retiring soon

Used wisely, the new Pension Freedoms rules can give you far more flexibility and a more financially secure retirement.

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Company directors & business owners

We understand that your personal and financial futures are closely aligned and both need expert advice.

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The end of any relationship is bound to be an emotional time, sorting the finances can be particularly difficult.

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People who have already retired

The new Pension Freedom rules mean now is the perfect time to review the decisions you made when you finished work.

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