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Income protection

Income Protection provides an income if someone can’t work because of ill health or an accident.

Most people are happy to insure their cars, their homes, and the things they have in them, but they often forget to insure the thing that pays for everything, their income.

Yet, over half the population would only be able to survive financially for just 17 days if they lost their income. Meanwhile, more than one in four people in the UK have no savings at all*.

The facts:**

  • Around one million people go off sick every week and of those 17,000 will be off after six weeks
  • 3,000 will still be off after six months
  • Only 600 will work again within the next five years
  • A working man is seven times more likely to suffer long term incapacity than to die before 65
  • 85 percent of the UK working population has no disability cover.

Having protection can’t reduce the odds of something happening to you, but it can make life a lot easier if it does.

With an Income Protection policy, you can choose the amount you wish to insure within certain limits but the cover does vary substantially between insurers.

Our advisers will research the whole market to find the best provider and most competitive premium for you.