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Not all advisers are the same.

Death and illness are things that we don’t like to think about. The reality is that whilst one is certain, and the other possible, either would have a significant impact on your personal finances, those of your family and the ability to repay a mortgage. As individuals, we don’t know when these events will take place, so if we care about what happens to our loved ones, we need to plan.

For most people, ensuring that they and their families will be taken care of is an integral part of their financial planning.

With more and more companies offering Life Cover and Critical Illness Cover, with huge differences in the cost and quality of cover, it makes sense to obtain advice from someone who will find you the best products available at the most competitive premiums.


Just because an adviser can offer you choice on your mortgage, does not mean they can offer you choice on your protection. We offer you choice on both.  As our name suggests, at Choice Financial Solutions we offer you the widest level of choice and access to the whole of the market.