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We recommend an initial meeting to find out more about what you are looking to achieve. At this meeting we will tell you more about how we may be able to help and which level of service is most appropriate. This meeting will last up to an hour, is free of charge and is completely without any obligation. Before this meeting you may like to consider:

  • What level of income you would like in retirement?
  • How much you can afford to save each month towards your retirement goals. Ideally, you should aim to replace a percentage of your current earnings and ensure you review this over time to reflect increases in your income and inflation
  • When are you hoping to retire? Whilst this could change, it is important to have a date in mind so that we can project what pension provision will be available
  • What other Pension provision do you have? To get a full picture of what pension provision will be available it is important to take in to account any other schemes you may have, even if these are no longer being funded. It could also be appropriate to consider other Savings and Investments that you may have
  • What rate of tax do you pay? You will receive tax relief on your highest marginal rate of tax. There are restrictions on how much you can contribute to pension schemes, dependent on your earnings. To help us make an appropriate recommendation we would like to see a breakdown of your total earnings and clarify what rate of tax you pay

Our Aim

We are committed to offering our clients the highest possible standards of service at all times. In doing so, we are pleased to support the Financial Conduct Authority initiative “Treating Customers Fairly”.

We want each and every client to receive a level of service which enables them to fully understand all the implications of the contract they are entering into. When considering any investment, we have recommended to you, there are some basic questions that we ask you to consider:

  • Why am I investing?
  • Does the product meet my needs?
  • Do I understand the product?
  • What is my maximum loss?
  • How can I get my money back?

Further advice and assistance in answering these questions is available from your adviser. We can also provide you with guides from the Money Advice Service.

If you prefer, you can see the guides on the Money Advice Service

As our name suggests, at Choice Financial Solutions we offer you the widest level of choice and access to the whole of the market.