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Investment portfolio solutions (IPS)

What is Choice IPS?

Choice Investment Portfolio Solutions (Choice IPS) is an online service that allows us to manage your entire portfolio of investments from one online portal, regardless of where these investments are held. You might have a pension, an ISA and a number of direct investments in different mutual funds or stocks and shares. With Choice IPS, these can all be viewed in one place, and managed simply and effectively as part of one overall plan to meet your financial goals and objectives.

What does Choice Investment Portfolio Solutions do for you?

Our Choice IPS service is designed to make your money work harder, look after your needs better and make life easier for you by:

  • Maximising the tax efficiency of your portfolio
  • Securing a better deal for you by accessing discounted rates for annual management charges on a range of investment funds
  • Helping you to achieve your investment potential, and ensuring you’re in the best position to maintain it on an ongoing basis
  • Helping you to manage change effectively
  • Providing answers, when you need them, to questions you most want to ask:
    • How much is my portfolio worth?
    • How well is my portfolio performing?
    • What do I do next?

Maximise tax-efficiency

With so many choices and options available that claim to maximise tax-efficiency, it’s difficult to ensure that your financial portfolio is set up in the most tax-efficient way. We look at your savings and investments portfolio as a whole, which means we’re in a position to help you make the best of these many choices and options. All in a way that’s tailored to suit your own personal financial needs.

We have access to a range of different tax-efficient products. Using these we can help you make the most of your tax allowances and avoid paying unnecessary tax. Whether it’s minimising inheritance tax or choosing the best way to invest your money now, ask us how we can help.

Secure a better deal

Through Choice IPS we can offer excellent discounts on charges for many funds available when compared to standard market rates. Our service has an overall charging structure that encourages flexibility in your investment strategy and rewards you as your money grows.

We have minimised the charges applicable when you first invest through Choice IPS. Once you’re on board, you can freely and easily switch between investments without having to pay fees or charges, so there’s no drain on your cash if we need to adjust your investment strategy when market conditions or your investment goals change.

As your savings and investments grow, you can benefit from an effective reduction in charges on your portfolio, in the form of a charges rebate. Our aim wherever possible is to secure a better deal for you so you have more cash to invest.

It is also worth bearing in mind that, if you want to keep some cash reserves in your portfolio, our service includes an interest earning cash account. You will have instant access to your cash when you need it, allowing you to take advantage and make investments when markets are at their most favourable.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is about creating an overall portfolio that is right for you and has the most effective combination of investments from the various asset classes available. It is widely recognised as being a key source of added value when it comes to investment decision making.

Investment Selection

To achieve your investment potential, it makes sense to spread your savings over a number of different funds and investment types, within each broad asset category in your portfolio. The platform we use offers a huge choice of investments to select from, allowing us actively to manage your money for maximum potential returns.

Risk management

As life changes, your attitude to risk may also change. The risks you are prepared to take with your portfolio when starting out on your savings journey are unlikely to be the same when retirement nears.

In the early years, you may be prepared to take a higher level of risk to maximise returns in the longer term. As retirement nears you may then want to concentrate on trying to preserve the returns you have achieved, so you can plan for your financial future with greater certainty.

The platform we use for the Choice IPS service supports asset allocation, investment selection and risk management. It offers an actively managed and flexible framework, with specialist resources and tools available, all designed to help you achieve your investment potential.

A service you will value

As your adviser, we want you to value the service we provide. Through the platform that we use to support our service we can access investment funds of all shapes and sizes and asset types. Along with a wide variety of tax efficient product ‘wrappers’ to invest them in depending on your overall tax planning needs. When we make recommendations through Choice IPS, our birds-eye view of your portfolio means we’re doing it as part of the bigger picture.

It’s our job to keep you on the right path to achieving your short and long-term financial goals. We’re able to let you know if you’re falling behind, to help actively manage your investments and to make sure you’re not paying too much for your portfolio.

Working together with you as your life changes and develops, our role is to provide you with a financial plan that looks across all aspects of your financial affairs. We always keep your affairs private, using secure processes we have in place for protecting your personal data and investments.

This all adds up to a genuine service that you’ll really come to value.