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Senior executives & high earners

Senior executives and high earners might enjoy a higher than average income, but this brings with it unique pressures, challenges and concerns.

In our experience these include:

  • Striking the right balance: How do you plan for the future, whilst living for today?
  • Buying a home: Choosing the right mortgage to help you buy your home
  • Reducing tax: Leaving you with more disposable income to meet your financial objectives
  • Planning for retirement: What is the most tax-efficient way to plan for retirement? How do you deal with some of the issues facing higher earners caused by recent changes to pension legislation?
  • The ‘what if’: How would your family cope if you, or your spouse, were to die or become ill?
  • Children: What is the best way of planning for their future capital requirements, such as university, or buying a home?
  • Property investments: If you have buy-to-lets how do you deal with the recent taxation changes?
  • Estate planning: How can you minimise the tax paid by your loved ones on your death? How can you ensure your assets are passed on in accordance with your wishes?

How we can help

It’s all about planning.

That starts with us understanding what’s important to you, your objectives and what you want to do with your life. We’ll then put a plan in place to help you achieve these objectives.

Our experience and knowledge of working with senior executives and higher earners means we understand your financial challenges, problems and concerns and are therefore able to put in place an effective plan.

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