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People with final salary pensions

People with Final Salary pensions, providing a guaranteed and usually index-linked income in retirement, were once the envy of everyone else. In many ways, they still are.

But with transfer values rising, the temptation of Pension Freedom and confidence in Final Salary pensions on the wane, more people than ever are considering transferring their Final Salary pension to an alternative arrangement.

Once you have transferred your Final Salary pension there’s no going back. That’s what makes expert advice so crucial.

We have a deep understanding of Final Salary pensions and once we learn more about your retirement goals and objectives, we will be able to advise you on the best option; to transfer, or not.

You can be assured that our advice will always be independent, impartial and in your best long-term interests.

How we can help

We start by finding out more about you; your retirement goals and objectives, as well as your existing pensions.

We will then produce a plan, and a recommendation about what to do with your Final Salary pension, considering your short, medium and long-term needs, and objectives.

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