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People who have already retired

If you retired over the past few years, now is the perfect time to review the decisions you made, especially if you stopped work before Pension Freedoms were introduced.

The main challenge we see amongst people who have already retired, is ensuring that the income you are drawing from your pension, is sustainable for the rest of your life, and that of your spouse if you are married.

If you have turned your pension into an income using drawdown, is the amount you are taking sustainable?

Of course, the opposite may also be true. It’s possible that you could take more income, which would allow you to do more in retirement.

In short, the ideal income level should be enough to deliver your chosen lifestyle, whilst being sustainable in the long term.

We will of course consider your wider financial affairs too. For example:

  • Is your capital invested correctly?
  • Are you taking the correct amount of risk?
  • Are your savings and investments held tax-efficiently?
  • How will you pay for any future care needs?

Finally, estate planning. Most people in retirement want to know that their assets will be left to people of their choosing, with as little tax paid as possible.

We will make sure that simple, yet important objective, is achieved.

How we can help

We will start by reviewing your objectives; what do you want to do in retirement? How much will it cost? What do you want to do that you don’t feel able to?

We will then consider the income you need in retirement and the assets you have to provide it. That then leads to a financial plan, designed to meet these objectives in both the short, medium and long term.

Finally, we will consider the future and ultimately, what happens to your assets after your death.

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