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Company directors & business owners

Both your personal and financial futures are closely aligned. If one goes well, so will the other.

Running your own business often brings with it greater risk, stress and pressure. But, the rewards, both financial and personal, can be tremendous and the satisfaction of seeing your business grow immense.

The financial challenges you will face, include:

Your business finances

  • Tax: How can you minimise the Corporation Tax your business pays?
  • Building long-term value: How can you build value in to your business so that one day it is ultimately part of your retirement plan?
  • Employee benefits: What steps do you have to take to stay on the right side of legislation? What do you need to do to comply with Auto Enrolment legislation?
  • Rewarding your staff: How can you put in place a financial and benefits package to reward and ultimately help you retain staff?
  • Business partners & shareholders: What happens if one of them dies or falls ill? Will the business be able to afford to pay them? How would it affect the financial stability of the business?
  • Exit planning: How can you sell the business tax-efficiently?

Your personal finances

  • Tax: What is the most tax-efficient way to withdraw money from your business?
  • Buying a home: Getting a mortgage isn’t always straightforward for business owners and company directors; our team of specialists are experienced though and know how to work with lenders
  • The ‘what if’: How would you, or your spouse, falling ill, or dying, affect the financial stability of your family?
  • Children: How can you plan for the future capital needs of your children, for example higher education or buying a house?
  • Planning for retirement: What steps do you need to take to ensure you get the retirement you hoped for?

How we can help

We understand that your personal financial future is linked to the success of your business. We therefore need to consider the two together.

We have the specialist knowledge to be able to do that. We also have experience of working with other professional advisers, such as lawyers and accountants, to ensure you get truly joined up thinking.

By choosing Choice, your business and personal financial futures are in safe hands.

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