Could your family survive a financial crisis?

This year, more than one million families will lose an income source to illness, injury or death. (source: LV)

Could your family survive, if it happened to you?

A financial crisis occurs when one of the household’s main earners is forced to stop working, either temporarily or permanently, for reasons outside of their control. There are options available to cover your family in the event of illness, injury or death, but many people avoid investing in them, as they believe that insurers are on a mission to find reasons to reject claims.

If that is true, why aren’t there more people with adequate savings to support their lifestyle in the event of an emergency?

Denial? Or the belief that misfortune will not befall you?

The chances of being diagnosed with a serious illness or suffering an injury at work are much higher than you might think.

We’ve collected statistics on illnesses, financial crises and insurance pay-outs to display the truth about financial protection and the reality you face when you fail to prepare your family properly.