Choice Mortgage Solutions awarded ‘Shoppers’ Choice’

Choice Mortgage Solutions awarded shopper's choice LI EDIT_RB EDITS

Choice Mortgage Solutions has come out top in a recent mystery shopping survey of several mortgage advisers in Southampton.

The survey was carried out by FT Adviser and we had no prior notice that we would be included. We are naturally thrilled to have scored 34 out of a possible 35.
We are working on that last mark!

The scenario

The shopper was a 37-year old IT contractor, who traded via a limited company. She has savings of around £10,000 and is trying to find out what her mortgage options are, as she has read a lot about the challenges the self-employed often face when trying to get a mortgage.

Fortunately, finding mortgages for people who are self-employed, or run their own business, is something we specialise in.

How we did

Speed of response: 12.55pm. One ring and put through to adviser.


Telephone manner: Polite and helpful.


Relevant Qualifications: CeMap.


Payment method: A commission from lender, and the adviser may take fee if amount borrowed is less than £150,000.


Guidance given: The adviser said shopper was in a good place as an IT contractor, because lenders tend to look favourably on them when it comes to their requirements. Where another type of contractor would be required to produce a minimum of two years’ accounts, but for an IT contractor some lenders will use the shopper’s day rate to work out an annual salary.


Knowledge: The adviser was very knowledgeable and was happy to go into detail with the shopper. He also explained about the different types of agents or advisers she could speak to about mortgages; going direct with the lender, speaking to tied agents or going to a completely independent adviser.


Verdict: Shopper’s Choice.

The shopper was really impressed with the adviser’s wealth of knowledge, and particularly how it relates to IT industry contractors.

You can read the full results, by clicking here.

Mortgage advice for the self-employed and business owners

We know that finding the right mortgage if you are self-employed or run your own business can be a challenge.

It’s something we have plenty of experience with though (as proved by the survey) which is why we have produced a guide to help you.

You can read it by clicking here.

In the meantime, if you need a mortgage or mortgage advice, we are here to help and would love to hear from you.

We can be contacted on 0800 612 8099 or you can complete our online enquiry form by clicking here.