Brexit: Is now the time to review your finances?

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If you looked at your investments in recent months then you may have been very disappointed with how they are performing. If it has not been the UK political fallout over Brexit, causing the markets to fluctuate wildly, then it’s been an ill- advised tweet from Donald Trump or the repercussions from his trade war with China. The only certainty that we can conclude is that the uncertainty and associated market volatility is likely to continue for some time yet.

Whilst periods of extreme volatility can cause investors a great deal of concern, they also create investment opportunities. The ability to buy in to the market when it has fallen being an obvious example. Here at Choice the majority of our portfolio managers have had little or no exposure to ‘Commercial Property’ – an asset class that is traditionally used to provide steady rates of return which can provide the ‘ballast’ to a portfolio when the waters start to get a bit choppy. However, our portfolio fund managers have believed for some time now that this sector could fall in value quite dramatically in the event of a ‘hard Brexit’ and we have started to see this happen in recent months. Consequently, they have held a much higher proportion of portfolio monies in ‘Cash’ than would normally be the case, waiting for suitable alternative investment opportunities to arise. The current falls in the market have provided some of these opportunities.

However you invest your money, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you regularly review the performance, investment strategy and the charges you are paying to your portfolio managers. This is part of the ongoing service that we include for all our clients and we offer it to new prospective clients as well. We offer all new clients  a free initial meeting, following which we can provide an overview of your existing investment portfolio with suitable recommendations. We will assess the performance, investment strategy and charges and will also ensure that the risks being taken are inline with your expectations. We can also provide a projection of benefits to ensure it remains on track to achieve your goals and objectives.

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